The four percent group

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You may here about the four percent group. Now today I will discuss more about this company. Everyday I see people struggling to get to work, being a part of the “rat race”.. and I have to ask, why? We are in the digital age.. we are all on the internet and It’s a powerful thing and a money making MACHINE. I’ve literally spent over a hundred thousand dollars on courses, eBooks, products, programs, systems, software four percent group. I bought it. The truth is, all these $7, $27 and $47 products didn’t work for me.. I bought A TON of them, almost every week.So why aren’t you using it? Why aren’t you using the power of the internet to reach millions of people everyday? Why aren’t you connecting and using what you have in front of you right now, as you read this letter.. every second you are connected to the internet.. is another opportunity you are passing up. Thanks